Below you will find links to all the materials you will need to work as a partner with WDI.

Sales & Marketing Resources

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Ordering & Maintenance Resources

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Terms and Descriptions

It is important we communicate using the same terms and definitions. Shown below is a schematic with all parts of the WDI Window Trim Kit labeled.

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WDI – Retail Packaging
WDI Retail Packaging Division makes solid wood boxes and wood/premium paper composite (MinnMade) boxes for retail packaging. Solid wood is exactly what you would expect – we start with high quality wood and create custom packaging to meet whatever specifications you require. MinnMade starts with a tempered hardboard substrate made of fine sawdust particles. Combine this with a premium paper and the MinnMade Product Line was begun. Just like our solid wood products, each of our MinnMade products are built to our customers specifications.

WDI – Retail Packaging
WDI Custom Wood Division makes a wide variety of wood products. Our selection ranges from awards and plaques (our original business!) to promotional items and store and product displays. We can help to make your product/brand stand out in the store and in promotions with the orginal greener and renewable material – Wood!